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    arrested and charged with a crime get help with acme bail bonds service


    Once an individual is arrested and charged with a crime, chances are he or she will need a bail bondsman in order to gain freedom pending the outcome of the case. However, even with a bondsman on hand, not everyone can be released on bail.

    Are Bail Bonds Illegal in California?

    Are bail bonds illegal in California?

    California's highest court has ruled that judges in the state will have to consider a suspect's ability to pay when they set bail, a major decision that essentially requires that those who can't afford bail be freed unless they are deemed to dangerous to be released awaiting trial.

    What are the 4 types of bail?

    What are the 4 types of bail?

    • Cash Bail
    • Collateral Bail
    • OR (Own Recognizance) Bond
    • Bail Bondsman

    What happens if a persion arraigned within 72 hours in californai?

    What happens if you are not arraigned within 72 hours in California?

    If charges are not filed after the 72 hour period following your arrest, you will be released, but the state still reserves the right to file charges later, as long as they file charges within the statute of limitations.

    a persion bail out from prison

    Can you bail out a life sentence?

    The answer is no. Once a person is in prison, that is it. There is no way to get out except by expiration of sentence, or by death. Bail is used for staying out of jail while awaiting trial or sentencing for the crime.

    Can a bondsman sue a cosigners/Indemnitors?

    Can a bondsman sue a cosigners / indemnitors?

    The bail bonds man can sue anyone who signed the documents and promised to pay if there is money due still. If you signed the documents, you agreed to whatever terms they stated.

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    Staff is courteous, understanding, and they answered all of my questions. Outstanding customer service. They took care of my family. Thanks Acme!

    Amanda S Los Angeles, CA

    Acme Bail Bonds Came through for my Boyfriend and I during the holiday 2019. Tom was the man he helped me out knowing my finances weren’t the greatest. Calmly guided me through the process and got everything done in a timely matter. I appreciate the help and service Tom had proved for me during these times and would definitely recommend you to and family or friends that are in need of your services. Thanks for helping me during the holiday I have much appreciation for you and the help you gave me in my hard time. -Meg

    Megan Navarro Los Angeles, CA

    I give reference about some one only if in several occasion the service is good.But in this time I found a company that is better than good is excelente. Thanks

    Albert Agudelo Los Angeles, CA

    Thomas Esparza is the absolute best! Be kept in contact with me even while traveling and made it so easy to help me get my boyfriend out. They are really willing to work with you. The bail was 100,000$ and they were the best out of All the bail companies! Thank you so much!

    Hannah Fetko Los Angeles, CA

    Everyone was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. Jon was a great and kind person. Thank you!

    Sara Argueta Los Angeles, CA

    Dutch worked out a good plan to work with our bonds payments. I do recommend Acme Bonds if your in need of a quick response!!

    Mamita Pearlita Los Angeles, CA

    They have been great and very helpful. They pulled through for me to get a friend out when no one else would and everyone there seems to be extremely reasonable. A big shout out to Jorge, Tom (agents)…and Eric in finance. Thank you so much!

    Ashley Pazirandeh Los Angeles, CA

    I called Amanda and she helped me find out about a friend. She helped answer my questions and gave me info I needed, even though she knew I was not going to use their services since the bail was too low. so helpful, I’m grateful This time I didn’t have to bail anyone. Definitely look into Acme & ask for Amanda for all your business.. highly recommended. She’s so caring & kind & truly went out of her way for me. I haven’t had this response from any other bail bonds. Thank you so much Amanda If you happen to read this.

    Goli. Z Irvine, CA

    Janelle is a life saver! She is so kind and so sweet! No one wants to get locked up on Christmas Day and its as much of a nightmare as it would seem to be! But janelle was able to get the job done in about 4 hours! Would def recommend if you’re loved ones are in distress ! They also will work with you regarding payment options

    Jaime T. North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

    I hired Acme Bail two weeks ago to deal with a small misdemeanor charge on a friend. Alfred and Johnny were super helpful! They explained the whole process to me, charged part payment up front and remaining upon release, had me sign the documents online on DocuSign which was a lot more convenient that going in person, and were available the whole time. Highly recommend them as they are very professional and polite.

    Shobhit G. Los Angeles, CA

    My son was in trouble and there was only one thing I could remember, Acme bail bonds! I contacted Angela who help me calm down then directed me to her people in the L.A. area to help me. Christian called me and the process was effortless, within 30 minutes I had all info was just waiting for a call to give me relief. Everything was done over the phone and with a couple of emails, we were good to go. Christian finally gave me the good news within 30 minutes and I was relieved. Thanks again to Angela and Christian!

    Rich V. Brentwood, CA

    A family member of mine got into a wrong time/wrong place situation. The whole ordeal was a mess but when it really comes down to it, this business knows what they’re doing. Customer service was professional and very sincere. No one expects things like this to happen but Acme is genuinely there for you.

    LA M. Los Angeles, CA

    A close friend of mine got arrested on the Friday afternoon 2 weeks ago. Having absolutely no clues of what I should do, I yelped and found Acme trying to bail him out asap. Acme was indeed a great help and I was glad I found this bail bond company. I contacted Tom and he walked me through the whole process explaining what I didn’t understand. He was very enthusiastic and kept checking on the status. He sent Sergio right away upon filling out the paperwork and processing my payment. My friend was released in a very short time. I truly recommend Acme if you want the best result. Thanks again.

    Pamela P. Los Angeles, CA



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