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 Myths About Bail Bonds

There are a lot of myths about the Bail Bonds industry. Think about when you see signs and billboards advertising for businesses that can help you bail you out of jail. Most of them are connected to symbols of chains and rough-looking men. A huge problem in the industry revolves around knowing how to properly show those in need that the bail bond industry is not corrupt, power-hungry or shameful, but an opening for a new life, a second chance.

Bail Bondsman are Scammers

The biggest misconception about bail bond agents is that they want to scam you out of your money and not follow the legal process. This is untrue as this industry is highly regulated and bail bond agents must be licensed and supervised because in the criminal justice system, they play a key role. More often than not, using a bail bond company is beneficial because it allows the defendant to get out of jail and get on with their life while also having the ability to afford an attorney. Instead of a defendant having to pay a large sum of bail money, they can make payments while also hiring an attorney for their case.

Bail is too Expensive and Bondsmen Controls the Bail Price

Another problem that arises within the bail bond industry is that friends and family believe that because bail is set at such a high amount, they must pay it in full. This is not true and bail is very affordable as bail bond companies like Acme work with you in order to meet your income requirements. Bond agents do not set the price of bail, which is also another misconception many think. These agents have no authority when it comes to a set bail and cannot speak with a judge about lowering the amount. They set payments depending on your unique situation depending on the case and bail price and strive to help you get you or your loved ones out of jail and back on their feet. One serious misconception that keeps people locked up unnecessarily is the belief that they cannot afford to make bail, or they will lose everything – including their house – if they try. In reality, bail bonds can be set up with affordable monthly payments so that you can afford to make bail, get out of jail, and return to your life while awaiting trial. Tell the bail bond agency about your needs and your situation so that they don’t set the payments too high since you don’t want to go to jail for unpaid taxes or child support while trying to make the monthly payments to the bail bondsmen. A related misconception is that bail bondsmen can control the cost of bail. They cannot talk to the judge into reducing bail. Only your attorney can argue for a lesser amount, and the judge has the authority to decline.

The Bail Bonds Industry is Unregulated

The bail bonds business is highly regulated. In many areas, bail bondsmen have to be licensed to offer bail. In some states, they have to pass state exams and background checks, meet various financial requirements and take continuing education courses. Things are far more regulated that they were a generation ago, and it is a long way from the Wild West.

Bail Bondsmen Don’t Help You After Making Bail

If you are on bail, you will still need to report to the court. There may be additional rules to follow. Furthermore, you should follow the rules you are given because failure to obey the terms and conditions of release can lead to tougher consequences than those you already face. Break those rules and you could go back to jail, too. The bond company may set up additional conditions to make sure you meet the payment conditions. A good bail bondsman will do far more then getting someone out of jail. They will help someone navigates the legal process and keeps them up to date on court dates. If you need more information about how to find a quality bail bondsman in your area, you can learn more about the process here.